Building Resilience to a Changing Climate: A Technical Training in Water Sector Utility Decision Support
Building Resilience to a Changing Climate: A Technical Training in Water Sector Utility Decision Support

Event Date(s):

September 26-27, 2017


UCAR Center Green Campus
Building CG1, Room 1212
3080 Center Green Drive
Boulder, CO 80301


The Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) and other water sector partners are hosting a FREE two-day technical training for drinking water and wastewater utility managers and consultants. Guided by a dynamic agenda and expert trainers, participants will gain useful knowledge and practical skills for integrating climate science into all aspects of water sector utility capital planning and business processes, as well as communication skills for relaying this information to decision makers and other audiences. The training will focus on three important dimensions of building the resilience of water sector utilities: 1) fundamentals of climate science including sources of uncertainty to consider in long-term planning; 2) methods for adopting planning approaches for making adaption decisions in the face of uncertainties about how climate will change; and 3) communications best practices for building a business case for climate resilience.

This training will be held in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, September 26 and Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

Workshop Objectives
  • Enhance understanding of the capabilities and limitations of climate science and learn best practices for using it in water and wastewater utility adaptation planning and decision making;
  • Learn about methods for addressing uncertainty when incorporating climate science into decision-making processes; and
  • Gain communication skills needed to generate buy-in for investments in climate adaptation and resilience building activities.
Preparation for the Training
  • A pre-training webinar will be held on Monday, September 18 from 1:00-3:00pm Eastern Time. All approved registrants are strongly encouraged to participate in this pre-training webinar so that participants enter the training with a common understanding of the fundamentals of climate change science, as well as the objectives and format of the training. Can you explain the greenhouse effect? Do you understand how the climate has been changing and why? Do you have a handle on how climate is projected to change between now and 2100, and the potential impacts on the hydrologic cycle? If your answer to any or all of these questions is no, then please mark your calendar and plan to join the pre-training webinar on September 18. An agenda and other details will be provided in advance.
  • The Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) is a key partner in the development of this training. Please note that you may receive an email from Laurna Kaatz of Denver Water and Vice Chair of WUCA, requesting additional information to help the training team prepare for the event.

Training Materials

Background Resources
All confirmed participants are strongly encouraged to review the background resources listed below.

Please contact Alfredo Lagos ( with questions or for additional information regarding the training.